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FLIER Press Release

Kick-off the election season with FLIER and its first electoral reform forum in Jacksonville.  

Event Date: Septenber 25th

As the 2010 state, local, and national elections heat up, local residents will hold a Civic Forum on Electoral Reform at the Jacksonville UU to call for specific proposals aimed at reforming the electoral system and to show that the State of Florida can no longer wait for strong, electoral reform.  Participants will call on local and state politicians to work for and implement election reforms that will reduce the influence of corporate money in politics and provide for a competitive, pluralistic democracy.  

The Forum will feature speakers on topics such as clean elections, redistricting, and voter disenfranchisement.  Forum participants will be able to debate and deliberate proposed action items that will be taken up after the Forum.  An interactive instant-runoff voting presentation will also take place in order to educate participants on how IRV functions.  

The purpose of the Forum is to bring together local and state election reform leaders and concerned citizens in order to take bold, future steps that enrich democracy and resolve the stagnant, special interest dominated two-party system.  We hope the Forum participants will coalesce around specific reforms and work toward future implementation in Duval County and throughout Florida.  

2010 FLIER Jacksonville Electoral Reform Forum:
Saturday, Sept. 25th at 1 p.m.  
Location:  Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville
7405 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211